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clip_image002Google recently released its new beta web browser, Chrome. I downloaded it the first day and have been testing it off and on since then. While my usage has not been as intensive as people who get paid to do reviews, here are a few of my thoughts:

The good

Chrome is extremely slim. It basically browses web pages and that’s about it. It’s not trying to be your guide to the internet or anything like all of the things the other browsers are trying to do. Slim is good.

From what I have been able to see so far, it is also much faster than Internet Explorer or Firefox. I have not encountered the media problems other reviewers are having, but so far even the media handling seems faster.

The bad

Where is the Google toolbar? Google has addicted me to its amazingly simple toolbar, and those features should be a default part of its browser.

Why can’t I sort the bookmarks? Frankly, I am not a Mac style sorting fan. Let me choose.

What I would change

Give me control over my bookmarks and give me my toolbar and I am sold.


Chrome is not a bad start for Google’s first attempt at a web browser. They are going to have to be nimble, though, if they want to really compete with IE 8 and FF 3.

I give Chrome a First Look rating of Not Quite There Yet But Good (2.5 out of 5).


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2 Responses to Google Chrome

  1. kati says:

    oh my, I was so excited about the new browser that I couldn’t wait to download it. But I deleted it after 2 days. It’s not that it wasn’t any good, I am just way too spoiled by my firefox (WITH google toolbar, of course!) nowadays. I completely agreed with everything you said, the only other thing I’d add was that it felt REALLY weird having all the tabs clear up at the top, though I suspect I could have gotten used to that eventually.
    When they iron it out, I’ll probably take a 2nd look.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    I agree. I felt the same way about Google Docs when it debuted. I tried it right away then decided to come back later. Of course, my problem is that I use a Windows Mobile based PDA-phone, so I am tied to Mobile Office unless I want to spend big bucks on another program.

    At least Google is keeping the marketplace interesting. As I read in an interview from one of Google’s founders, if Chrome makes Microsoft products better, then it has accomplished on of its tasks.

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