Tito the Builder-Listen to this Man and VOTE ON TUESDAY

Tito the Builder has joined Joe the Plumber in supporting the McCain-Palin campaign by telling what it really takes to achieve the American (economic) Dream and exposing the Obama campaign lies about “change” for the better.

Tito Munoz, born in Columbia and now an American citizen, worked as a janitor and now owns his own construction business in Virginia.

Tito went nose-to-nose with Alan Colmes on Fox News Hannity and Colmes laying out exactly what Obama really stands for. While there is humor in this exchange, you need to LISTEN TO WHAT THIS MAN SAYS about what an Obama presidency would really mean.

Election Day is Tuesday. If you are a conservative registered voter and haven’t already voted, GET OUT AND VOTE TUESDAY for the McCain-Palin Presidential Team. And, equally important, vote for your conservative Congressional candidate(s) for the House of Representatives and Senate (most likely Republican, but you should have studied the candidates and should know the difference). We need to keep the White House and keep the Dems from gaining a monopoly of power in Washington.

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