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Blessed New Year

It is my fervent prayer that each of you have a blessed New Year, sharing fully in God’s grace to us and in the hope of the kingdom to come. Thank you for reading. Dennis L Hitzeman

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Born to die

Today is the eve of Christ’s mass, the celebration of God’s greatest gift to mankind. Today, many of us will go to churches and celebrate the spectacular mystery of God becoming a man among us. We will enjoy children’s choirs and marvel at the angelic child represented in nativities. Yet, how many of us want to think about why we do this? […] Continue reading

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George W Bush’s legacy

Worldview Item of the Day Call President Bush what you will, but I will call him one of the most compassionate presidents that has ever lived. Since Lincoln, what president has cared this much for the military members he has … Continue reading

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So, really, do you need any more evidence?

Do we need any more evidence that the status quo in Washington D.C. is breaking our nation. If you do, how about the fact that your audacious lawmakers just bailed themselves out to the tune of $2.4 million more of our tax dollars in the form of a “cost-of-living” raise? […] Continue reading

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Now I am sure we have forgotten

When Pat Buchanan dares to write a column on RealClearPolitics suggesting that abandoning Afghanistan might be part of the solution for winning the broader war brought to our shores on 9-11, then I am sure that our nation has forgotten the lessons we should have learned in permanence on that terrible day. […] Continue reading

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