Wishful thinking?

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A Russian political analyst claims that the current crises in the United States–economic and political–threaten the republic’s collapse.

This is not a new idea, but is it an idea that deserves any consideration?

For quiet awhile now, people have been writing about a sometimes subtle but still tangible change in the tenor of the argument between various factions in American society toward a vociferousness and rage that may be unprecedented in American history since the Civil War. This change in quality, in my view, represents a far deeper divisions in thinking and belief than have ever existed in American history.

Many Americans dismiss the possibility that such a threat exists to the republic, but I believe the greatest danger we face as Americans today–greater than any terrorism or financial crisis–is believing that the failure of the republic cannot happen to us today. Believing that our nation and our government is somehow independently self-sustaining directly rejects the ideas that everyone from the Founding Fathers on held about the work required to sustain and perpetuate the republic.

I do not bring these ideas to light in some attempt to create some doomsday scenario, but because these are the kinds ideas must be considered by aware, informed, responsible citizens of a nation like ours. Sometimes the best way to see the cracks in our own system is to understand the cracks our adversaries see. More important still, responsible citizens must respond to these cracks in proactive and meaningful ways. This is the work of the citizens of a republic. It is our work.

Is the republic about to collapse? I do not know, but the risk bears watching.


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6 Responses to Wishful thinking?

  1. Keneil says:

    Since the beginning there has been a risk of failure. The United States should have never made it. We are quite remarkable.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    My concern is that there are a lot of people who no longer understand that risk of failure exists. They do not seem to understand how fragile our republic really is.

  3. Keneil says:

    I would like to think that if the threat of a breakup of the U.S. became “real” that the American people would fight to preserve our country. We have survived so many internal arguments and a civil war that I think we would rally to keep our country. Maybe that is wishful thinking on my part.

  4. Wade says:


    I think people (both foreign and abroad) perceive a have/have not mentality in the US.
    I think it may be more than a perception.
    The american dream exists but with the cost of education sky rocketing and factories/businesses closing daily, I believe poeople perceive the have/have not divide is becoming wider and wider. Lehman brothers and executives of big companies receiving huge packages for running companies into the dirt only stokes the fires or discontent to regular every day Joes.
    As you and I both know, if you are willing and physically able, the dream of higher education and the opportunities that may be derived because of it still exists. It may require a service commitment to your country and in my book the commitment compared to the benefit is minimal.
    If we (Americans) don’t start producing products (not just services), I think we may yet see class warfare and then we could become a nation divided and the republic could have some VERY serious challenges.
    We need to continue to find ways to invest in education in the U.S. I am ALL for paying forward to your country…..and this doesn’t have to just be military service (non-profits, charities, local, federal, state agencies, etc.).
    In the end, we (all Americans) all will benefit and the belief that opportunity still exists keeps america strong.
    With that stated, you have to be willing to work to make the theory a reality……..I am not certain all members of this great republic are willing to work as hard as you and I.
    Keep your chin up brother.

  5. dlhitzeman says:


    I also would like to believe that some Americans would fight to preserve the republic. What concerns me is the potential for that to be an actual fight not just a rhetorical one.

    I, for one, know that I am willing to give my life for the republic and what it stands for.

  6. dlhitzeman says:


    It’s the work ahead that is daunting to me, both because I do not really yet understand what the work is and because I do not yet know what my own part in it is. In the mean time, I guess we watch and wait and look for opportunities.

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