Kristol for President

In the past year, I have come to have a lot of respect for William Kristol and his writing. While he is more toward the center politically than I am, his firm credentials as a conservative are impressive.

So the suggestion that he might be a good candidate for president in 2012 is intriguing to me for a variety of reasons.

Many people only know of Kristol as a talking head on FoxNews or a commentator for the New York Times, yet he has a political career that stretches back to the Reagan administration. Further, he has followed a track of involvement in politics that looks, in many ways, like that of Barack Obama’s, absent only the associations with people who hate America and unbridled ambition for elected office. More importantly, his views as an across the board conservative are rarely matched by anyone involved in the current public political discourse.

I believe this mix of qualifications makes him an ideal candidate for conservatives who are done with the current Republican machine. So much the better if someone could convince Kristol to run as a conservative independent.


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