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Non-state actors

The recent release of over 80,000* classified documents by the website WikiLeaks represents what is very likely the largest and most damaging public disclosure of protected information to the public in the history of espionage. The potential damage caused by … Continue reading

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A great web comic needs your support

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Readiness: Hello world!

Welcome to Dennis L Hitzeman. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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Declaring independence

It was never about the geography and always about the lives, liberty, and happiness of the people. Read these words and think on them. If they make you uncomfortable or squeamish, do you still believe in the ideals therein that made … Continue reading

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Farming: Our industrial food supply is killing us

Right here in the Miami Valley is dramatic, tragic evidence that our industrial food production system is threatening our lives and livelihoods in direct and dramatic ways. First comes the toxic poisoning of Grand Lake-St. Marys by an algae bloom fed by farm run-off. The bloom is so bad–and so toxic–that the State of Ohio […] Continue reading

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