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Katrina, five years on

On this day five years ago,  I was sitting in a hanger in Alabama waiting to board a bus to Hattiesburg, Mississippi as part of the advanced team for the 1500 person Task Force Buckeye in support of the state … Continue reading

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Are you ready?

Are you ready? For what you might ask? Are you ready for whatever comes next? We Americans have lived through several decades of unparalleled prosperity, marked by an almost unchecked rise in consumption and the rapid development of the institutions … Continue reading

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Farming: 1st Anniversary

The beginning of the new school year reminds me that I have reached a milestone: one year since I started farming full-time. It’s been a bumpy year, with big successes and catastrophic failures along the way. I’ve learned more in the past year than I think I have in the rest of my life put together, and […] Continue reading

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Farming: Feeding the world

I’ve begun to wonder when the idea of feeding the world first became a moral imperative among farmers. Why is it that farmers have inherited the responsibility to feed everyone who has decided to do something else no matter what the personal cost? I think I know how this idea came into being. As scientists and governments conceived of […] Continue reading

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The “Endless” war ends

In case you missed it, on 18 August 2010, the last American combat brigade left Iraq, signaling the end to the endless war in Iraq, or at least the official end to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Granted, this withdrawal represents a … Continue reading

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