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Readiness: Getting ready Part 3: Being realistic about your plan

Let’s face it: even for those of us who are very focused on getting ready, there are still practical limitations on what we can do. Often the time and cost outweigh the resources we can dedicate to readiness, and we can’t really be thinking about getting ready all the time. Those facts are why having […] Continue reading

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Farming: 10-10 Challenge update

Well, my seeds are in, and I staked out the area in my yard I plan to plant. Now the trick is to watch the weather. As I stated earlier, the goal is to plant by 10-10; however, weather can always be a mitigating factor. Generally, we want to plant wheat before the first frost, […] Continue reading

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Scientific activism

Can a scientist participate in activism and still remain true to the spirit of scientific method? James Hansen, one of the leading scientists in climate change research, is also renown for his ongoing climate change activism, which has led to … Continue reading

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Fructose = Dumber?

Is the massive consumption of fructose in the modern diet making us all dumber? I’m not asking this question as a rhetorical one, but as an honest question and one that I hope is being investigated by science. It bothers … Continue reading

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There is only one thing that is needful

I would like to remind everyone, whether you have faith in Jesus Christ or not, that the point of Christianity is nothing other than Christ and him crucified. Without Christ, there is no redeemer from sin, and without Christ’s death, … Continue reading

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