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Because what the 16 percent believe should be good enough for the rest of us

Via The Daily Beast comes word of a new Gallup poll that laments that just 16 percent of Americans believe in secular Scientific evolution. Now, I have all kinds of issues with polls, but this one seems pretty fair and straightforward. … Continue reading

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Scientific activism

Can a scientist participate in activism and still remain true to the spirit of scientific method? James Hansen, one of the leading scientists in climate change research, is also renown for his ongoing climate change activism, which has led to … Continue reading

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The nature of debate

One of the things that really bothers me about the current nature of debate in our country is the fact that so many people declare subjects that are otherwise undeniably part of the debate taboo and, therefore, not open for … Continue reading

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Republicans suck!

Now that I have your attention, so do Democrats, Libertarians, and just about every other organized political party out there. This is not some sort of anarchist rant. None of us actually fit into the sometimes ridiculous molds cast as part of … Continue reading

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This is science?

There are people who claim that my skepticism of modern scientific claims about the environment and evolution stem from a lack of understanding rooted in the fact that I am a Christian. Their claim is that, because I have faith … Continue reading

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