The razor’s edge

Last January, I started an experiment to see how many times I could use a single disposable razor blade before it was unusable. I discovered several years ago that the thing most likely to cause the blade to become dull was the moisture, oils, and salts left over from the shaving process instead of regular use. Critical to this experiment was the fact that I dried the blade after each shave and stored the blade face down on a tissue to wick away residual moisture.

A year later, I can report that I used the same blade to shave 85 times over twelve months, an average of 7 shaves per month. Granted, I do not shave everyday as some people do, but using this evidence, this blade would have lasted a daily shaver as many as 12 weeks. For a daily shaver, this would be a savings of around $50 over 12 weeks if you used the blades I use and replaced them weekly, or about $215 per year.

Further, even after 85 shaves, the blade I am using now is still usable and probably will be for some time to come. I expect that I may get as many as six more months before it has to be replaced, and it could last another year with proper care.

Now, I grant that I do not shave everyday, so daily shavers may get less performance, but the evidence so far is clear: it is possible to save hundreds of dollars a year on replacing razor blades by simply drying them before you put them away.

Why go to all this trouble to prove something like this? Because I believe frugality is one of the ways we are going to dig ourselves out of the mess we face as individuals and as a nation in the years ahead. I believe spending less, saving more, throwing less away, and reusing whatever we can are critical parts of making our way of life better.

Do you have other frugality tips? Let me know, and I will post them here.


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5 Responses to The razor’s edge

  1. djhitz says:

    My, my what, a hot, exciting mid-winter message, you have here. Whoo! So hot. But, I get you’re drift. I’ve used the same, Bic, three blade, shaver since, mid summer. Of course, I don’t shave much either. In the winter, just the front of my lower neck.
    My first, subject is about soft, white, clean, toilet paper. I share my TP stock with a, family member or two. I’m always trying to see how little I can tear off and comfortably and sanitarily still do the job and make, a roll last. Beware of too much frugality in this, asspict. It could be too disgusting. Of course sometimes, a gob might be the ticket and perhaps, well…. you know.
    Another idea is about, fuel consumption. Control, your thermostat to the point of where it adequately heats. Fluxuations might cause, excess running of the furnace and a costly shift of ambient temperature. If you think turning down the temperature should be done. Do it while you’re at work. 62*F might be too cold for a house with poor insulation. (Sorry, President Carter. I thought this one through.)
    Now that (auto) fuel is back up over the head chopping price of $3.00+ (export oil baron fairies). You might want to make a major purchse to put a larger amount of fuel in the tank rather than a bunch of smaller purchases during the week. The repeat visits to the pump might cost more in the long run. Plus, on large, depressive purchase to get it over with might be easier on your ego then several let downs through the week.
    As far as groceries. Think about more (cheap) canned good. They are easily stashable, cheap and you can save them up for the post-holocaust (or mutagenic wars) like our illustrious, Worldview host constantly tries to promote.
    As far as, clothes. girls can take example from guys. We go through socks by the ten pack but we can make, drawers last for years. We only buy two pairs of jeans a year and cut them off after five. We still have, shirts from, high school. Belts (as long as no significant weight gain happens) can last decades.

  2. dlhitzeman says:

    Hey, it can’t all be fireworks and excitement.

  3. djhitz says:

    “Well…duh. There’s more after the first line. That was just a nice sarcastic introduction at least, I thought. I wasn’t harshly cracking. There’s no need for the defensive. I try to be humorous once in a while and sure it could be fireworks and excitement but we conservatives have a habit of being, very droll, most of the time.”

  4. dlhitzeman says:

    Sarcasm meets sarcasm and no one wins. I got the humor and responded with an attempt at my own. Now, the air is full of lead balloons.

  5. djhitz says:

    Nuen und nuen, lead balloons. Boomptity boomptity boomptity boom! I guess we just better lighten up, OK?

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