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One small step…

What am I going to do about the next election?  Sign up with the Montgomery County Republican Party and do some volunteering.  Do I have to call people?  No, not if I don’t want to, but I can stuff envelopes, … Continue reading

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The world hearts Obama I think I’m going to be saying this a lot over the next 4 years, but this concerns me.  If the rest of the world is so happy happy about his election, what does that mean for us?

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The college vote

I’ve worked in a university setting for many years and noticed a distinct increase in excitement in my students today.  The vast majority had already voted, based on the number of “I Voted” stickers, and wanted to talk about their experiences.  … Continue reading

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Strangely quiet…

I’ve been sitting in the modern language/political science office for over an hour, and there has been no discussion on politics since I’ve been here.  One small exception of an employee discussing with her daughter how to vote on different … Continue reading

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Voting is tasty

It’s not even noon, and I’ve stood in two lines already today – one to vote, and one to get a free chicken sandwich. I had to wait for the doors/registers to open in each case, and both lines moved … Continue reading

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