Voting is tasty

It’s not even noon, and I’ve stood in two lines already today – one to vote, and one to get a free chicken sandwich. I had to wait for the doors/registers to open in each case, and both lines moved quickly.

There were between 15-20 people in line ahead of me, the majority with their voting stickers on their shirt or in hand. I arrived around 10:25 to stand in line for a few minutes since lunch sandwiches weren’t to be served until 10:30. Several poor souls didn’t get the memo, and were waiting in our line to get breakfast – they were informed of the situation and moved on up to the register.

Service was quick and efficient – I was back in my truck around 10:36. At that time, there was a line snaking around with approximately 35 people. The drive-thru was also very busy.

Tricksy Chick-fil-a – they Sharpie your sticker so you can’t make the rounds to their different locations.

Most people were supporting the economy by getting fries and beverages, but several did just get their sandwich and run.

I only got one pickle on my sandwich though. Not cool.


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