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Ignoring the naked emperor

On the Daily Reckoning website, there is an interesting article about how the Federal Reserve motivated the Bureau of Labor Statistics to systematically remove tracking any prices that show volatility as part of the Consumer Price Index in order to … Continue reading

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We hear a lot about the color green these days. Green is the color of the newest global religion, the religion of environment before people, whose most recent convocation takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark as I write this post. In … Continue reading

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Green chargers

For those so inclined, the company iGo now offers a line of smart power outlet adapters and laptop chargers to help reduce energy consumption. I particularly like the idea of a charger that draws less power when a battery is … Continue reading

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21:49 Does anyone get that…

…Energy independence is a free market solution. Please name something that the goverment, by itself, without the help of private enterprise and the free market, has accomplished anything. The future of energy is in company research centers an university labs, not in … Continue reading

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