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Stop trying to preserve government programs and do it yourself

As the budget and deficit talks between Congress and the White House drag on, I have been reading a lot of articles, especially from progressive sources, about how people need to act to preserve this or that spending program because … Continue reading

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Local: Eating through Ohio’s 88 counties

I recently came across the article “The Eater Doomsday Map: 50 Meals to Eat in 50 States Before the Apocalypse” on the Eater website and was intrigued by the idea.  After an interesting conversation on Facebook, I decided to undertake a similar task. Rather than focus on the 50 states,  I’ve decided to focus on […] Continue reading

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Science and Technology: What I really want from Google Docs

I like a lot of things about Google, especially the company’s  constant attempts to push the envelope and change how we think about using computers and the web. Unfortunately, I also dislike Google for some of the same reasons because the company’s attempts to push that envelope are single minded and, sometimes, ill-conceived. From my […] Continue reading

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Ohio Primary

Remember that, if you live in Ohio and you’re registered, today is the primary election, and you can now vote in one of six primaries. Also on the ballot are a bevy of local tax levies and local issues as … Continue reading

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Dependence movements

I think one of the things that define modern Western culture is the trend toward depending on others to provide things we are unwilling to provide for ourselves. I am not talking about the exchange of goods and services that … Continue reading

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