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Change nobody wants to believe

Worldview Item of the Day

No one wants to believe it will happen, but our governments, at least at the federal and state levels are going to go bankrupt. While people try to deny this is where the United States and the socialist governments of the industrialized world are headed, the evidence is already clear.

One glaring example of this evidence is the rapidly approaching insolvency of Social Security and Medicare. These two programs, upon which millions upon millions of Americans have chosen to rely, are going to cease to function as they were promised, very likely within the next decade. This cessation will result in benefit cuts to current recipients and benefit elimination for people not yet receiving benefits. […] Continue reading

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Digital heart failure

Before you wonder: yes, I know better. I discovered my first and, I hope, only casualty of the power outage that occurred the week of 14-19 September 2008: my 500Gb Western Digital NetCenter network attached storage device failed somewhere between … Continue reading

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