I’m seriously thinking of joining this party

Do you think Palin drinks High Life? I’m pretty sure Joe the plumber does.


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5 Responses to I’m seriously thinking of joining this party

  1. keba says:

    I bet the Blue Angels drink High Life.

  2. djhitz says:

    You’re already a member.
    Angels drink, “High Flight”.
    Every ordinary, Joe does deserve some chicken, a bagel smeared with cream cheese and the coolest tasty beverage, you can put in your refridgerator. Provided, he’s allowed to work.

  3. djhitz says:

    Alaska Governer and Vice Presidential running mate, Republican, Sarah Palin comes to speak at the Fort Wayne, World War II, Memorial Coliseum today. It should be quite a grand event. Tickets sold out in less than four hours. She’s cute and a little, querky but she’s governor of our hugest and most important states. She’s not a ninny as depicted on Saturday Night Live. She might be a little coached in her, public addresses, so far.
    The thing. I’m most impressed with her about is she’s in my age group at 44. The heck with her family’s disfunctions. We all have those. I didn’t think our age group would make it so close to the top, yet. I was thinking 57-ish or higher. The fact that our age group is climbing, Capitol Hill now confirms the fact that even though in the pst, I thought my generation would someday tear down our infrastructure that suprisingly enough the 57-ishes and higher already did it. That with a whole country of people who abuse their credit priviledges let themselves and our government get us into this terrible, financial, predicament. Do I trust our generation to try to fix it? No, I don’t. My age group is the last direct link to the super conservative nature of the golden, World War II, generation who if they hadn’t been so trusting of our government and medical society, they wouldn’t be so screwed now. It’s up to us 30, 40, 50 somethings to try do undo what’s been done.
    Somehow we need to redo our employment systems and get America working hard again making products, we can afford. We need to go back to paying “ALL” our bills and curb personal, responsible spending. Our government has to be reasonable with our tax money. The T. Boone Pickens Plan sounds like a good venture to keep from giving $7,000,000,000,000 away to the rest of the world. We haven’t given all our industry away. No thanks to NAFTA. The North American Union has not been established, yet.
    What we need, America is a new Boston Tea Party. We need to legally enter or government’s, ship, legally steal our government cases of high, priced, neglect, bust ’em up, throw them out and rewrite the terms that establish the “Sons and Daughters of Liberty”.
    It can’t and will not be done with Barrack O-Bomb-us and Yoe Burden. People, get away from this man, please. I think he is ashamed of America.
    Even though Senator McCain is a jittery, cocky, former POW and Governor Palin is kind of a querky, rhetorical, hockey mom from the largest state in the union. They are the people whole are going to help run this “One Nation, under GOD, with Liberty and Justice for all”, better than the other guys. Of this I am confident.
    I’m writing this too late in the race. I see those people looking at O-bomb-us’s face as some sort of messiah who will take us away from all this. I tihink underlyingly, they hate the Iraq war and they hate President Bush. So they look at this man who is proabortion and antigun as the way out. He’s way out all right.
    Dear God, we love You more than anything else. Thank you for our lives, thus far. We humbly ask for your forgiveness for not always taking the direct path towards your righteousness. We humbly ask you for your wisdom and grant us strength. Please, let our great, Christian nation deservingly stand on the right hand of Your Kingdom, dear God. Please guide our citizens to these polls with the greatest, intentions to vote with the best parts of themselves with Almighty God, Father of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ in Heaven. Halleliah! Amen

  4. djhitz says:

    Geez! There I go again… It’s Halleliuah! Think… our… Sorry! I proof these thing too fast.

  5. dlhitzeman says:

    Well, said, djhitz, and Amen.

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