American Tiger or Kitten? – Use Your Brains When You Vote Next Tuesday!

I’ve heard it repeatedly on TV news (including Fox) this election season from the mouths of liberal and even some conservative pundits: Something to the effect of “…Of course the bad economy plays into the hands of the Democrats…”  The tone and delivery of the statement indicated this is just accepted common “wisdom.”

This statement is one of those things that just doesn’t compute in my rational objective engineer’s brain.  It shouldn’t compute in your mind either.  And, it isn’t borne out by facts and reality.  Wisdom it is NOT!

We heard it from the horse’s (or should I say donkey’s) mouth just two weeks ago, that the Obama/Biden/socialist Democrat plan is to “spread the wealth around” by which he means take more of the income of the productive middle class, business and industry and give it to those who don’t work so hard or not at all in a classic socialist welfare manner.  This, in turn, reduces our standard of living, results in fewer jobs and less national productivity overall resulting in higher unemployment and more people needing welfare, necessitating more taxes for more handouts, ad nauseum.  This, in turn, serves to strengthen the power base of the socialist liberal politicians and allows them to further undermine our Constitutional freedoms and drive our nation’s economy into the ground.  Neal Boortz’s recent exhortation keep ringing loudly in my mind: “When is the last time you got a job from a poor person?”

Am I exaggerating?  Use your brains and look at the facts.  Look at the economies of the Soviet Union and their subjugated eastern European nations before their collapse; Look at the economy of Cuba; Look at the economies of most of western European countries.  Look at the economy of Canada – Shabby, dingy mediocre economies, low standards of living and waning personal liberty, freedom, and social and career mobility.

The unspoken (at least until that true American Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher asked his famous question) plan of the Obama/Biden/socialist Democrat ticket will NOT grow the US economy and will NOT help the current economic slump.

Again, use your brains and check out the facts.  We have a very recent and compelling example of what it takes to stimulate a national economy, create jobs, and generally send a nation soaring to heights of national achievement and pride.  The nation of Ireland, traditionally one of the poorest nations in Western Europe, is now a beacon of economic growth, the result of a collective national will to stop the continuing drain of the brightest Irish minds and talent that drained the nation and its economic potential for decades.  In a collective effort of government, business, parents and citizens, the nation pursued an arduous course of reform that has reversed the emigration drain, increased the population and developed a strong and growing business/industrial climate and economy admired worldwide and now referred to as the “Celtic Tiger.”

What happened?  While reforms in Ireland were widespread, a major factor for economic stimulus was reduction of corporate tax rates and restrictive government regulations that generated a stimulating business environment with results that continue to speak for themselves.

As we approach a most critical Presidential and Congressional election in less than 7 days, with our national economy on the line, not to mention other even more critical issues, we have a clear choice: Do we want to elect a President and members of Congresss whose policies will result in the “American Kitten” or do we want a President and Congress who firmly believe in a government promoting its Constitutionally mandated policies that can directly result in an “American Tiger.”

All of this is based on demonstrated economic fact and reality. 

Bottom line: Use your brains; check it out; and Vote for John McCain and your conservative Congressional and Senate candidates on 4 November.


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3 Responses to American Tiger or Kitten? – Use Your Brains When You Vote Next Tuesday!

  1. Matt Janson says:

    Wow! Well said! I totally agree! I am spreading the word to as many people as possible! Lets win this one and em’ that cheaters never win.

    Matt J.

  2. Matt Janson says:

    Wow! Well said! I totally agree! I am spreading the word to as many people as possible! Lets win this one and tell em’ that cheaters never win.

    Matt J.

  3. dlhitzeman says:

    Corporate taxation is the single greatest foil against the growth of economy. Ireland’s corporate tax rate is 11%, and as a result, it has become one of the world’s powerhouses for the production of high end software and technology services.

    If Americans want the economy to grow, then the should vote for a candidate who supports the abolition of the taxation of income. Since no candidates like that are running, they should vote for the candidate who does not support increasing income taxes.

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