So let me get this straight…

For months now, General Motors has been spending billions in taxpayer money to continue to inefficiently manufacture low-quality products that no one wants to buy, and now, after all of this has occurred, the government is goint to force GM into bankruptcy anyway?

For those of you who might have missed it, this kind of logic is why the government should not be in charge of anything having to do with anything that is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. I wonder how many voters understand what that means we need to in 2010?

Viva la tea party!


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4 Responses to So let me get this straight…

  1. djhitz says:

    Worldview breeches again in April.
    Please, allow me to review the track record of just the transportation industry for a moment.
    First off, Honda’s, Civic Hybrid is getting 60+ mpg. They’re already marketing the natural gas, car.
    Tesla Motors will soon introduce a family sedan that’s half the price of their sports car. They are all electric. They’ll go 90 mph for 250 miles, 45 minute recharge.
    Toyota has a 99 mpg hybrid that’s mostly batteries. A reminder that lithium batteries only last three years with moderate to heavy use. Replacing can cost over $3000. Ouch.
    Ford laid off 23,000 people two years ago. Their new robotically produced line is doing well. I thought, Bill Ford would make, Grandpa Henry spin in his grave but he actually saved the corporation. Fords are now getting competetive, gas mileage. Ford learned much from the Japanese.
    Chrysler has the Japanese look but not the mileage. Keep trying, engineers.
    GMAC’s truck line sells about the best. It’s the car production that needs the enima. After all the buyouts, lose the unions already. They’re holding you back, GM dinosaur. They already made things hard for themselves. Now, they are punished. They will survive but they are last in the tech league. Their climb out will be tough.
    Kia is offering a two for one sale. How novel, South Korea.
    In the truck manfacture, field. All trucks burn, ultra low sulfur diesel now. Since 2007 the new, emissions are on. It’s a $5-7000 muffler that burns its own metallic discharge. From what I understand another type of diesel will be introduced to help burn the ULSD next year. Now this is novel, a fuel to help burn fuel. This is all for clean air of course.
    I know alot of you out there, dislike semis but have heart. President Eisenhower started building the interstate system which phased out over half the railroad industry. I say revive the railroads and make the faster and more electric. Isn’t CSX advertising that they can move a ton of freight on a gallon of fuel. Look into that. Remember, those big diesels have, servos.
    Another thing are these external, APU heaters. Some senator’s wife probably saw the smoke plume over a truck stop or rest area one night and decided to get hubby to introduce, a bill to make, driver’s stop idling. Now about 20 states (mostly in the East) have no idle laws. So the industry has these, little tractor, engines on the big tractors for the driver to keep warm in his bunk. One marketing ploy that comes out of this is the artificial atmosphere, offered in many truck stops. I understand, it does not work that well. Also, sometimes the gendarmes ticket drivers for idling their, APU. That’s just dirty pool.
    I have to say this: If my Daddy could not come home for Christmas this year because someone needed the goods in his trailer. I would not want him to freeze to death in his bunk just because some, do gooder “green law” made him die.
    In Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana and Canada in winter if a truck is working, it is running to keep the fuel systems and drivers warm.
    If we’re going to go, green for real. We must go electric. Study up on Nikola Tesla.
    Electricity is our cheapest and most accessible energy source.
    We as a “smart” population need to put fossil fuels on the back burner. A hundred years of mass petroleum pollution, must end.
    Can you imagine how quiet and clean our world might be if we went at least, a majority, electric.
    Thanks, DL for letting me editorialize on your website, today. I almost wrote more than you have all month.

  2. djhitz says:

    DL, Do you really think the 2010, senatorial vote will be like the “Sons of Liberty”?

  3. dlhitzeman says:

    I think there are enough people right now who are fed up with the current Congress that some of the incumbents will lose their seats in ’10, but I am not sure that their replacements will be anymore than another group of the same oligarchs in a different color.

    Now, on the other hand, if people decide to jump ship on the parties altogether and vote, say, Libertarian, then something might actually happen.

  4. dlhitzeman says:

    Yeah, the last month was bad for Worldview and a lot of other writing I should have been doing. Hopefully, I will turn that problem around in the next couple of weeks.

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