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Julian Assange: The new kingmaker?

The rise of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks represents the rise of the non-state actor as a significant force on the world state. While historically such actors were terrorist groups, Assange and his website represent a new entry: that of the … Continue reading

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The closing in of the government has begun

The state department has taken the extraordinary step of disconnecting its own classified computer systems from the rest of the government’s classified computer network as a result of the WikiLeaks debacle. While this move will limit the number of people … Continue reading

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Dennis L Hitzeman’s Regular Reading List

Some of you may remember my once-upon-a-time News Reading List that I had not updated in ages. Well, I recently finished updating that list and renamed it my Regular Reading List (mostly because it’s not just news anymore and I … Continue reading

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Why the internet was invented

Don’t let the academics tell you it was for sharing research. Laugh when the government says it was to share important defense information with far-flung installations. No, the internet wasn’t invented for those purposes, it was invented to make Google … Continue reading

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Interesting thoughts about artificial intelligence

The weblog Twenty Sided (by Shamus Young) presents an interesting set of thoughts about artificial intelligence and how we assume that it will develop a lot like our own intelligence. I kind of like his ideas about how AI can … Continue reading

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