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More thinking on Iran

Worldview Thought for the Day Last week, I posted on what I was thinking about the ongoing protests in Iran, which post I believe I need to clarify. I do not, in any way, doubt the sincerity of the protesters … Continue reading

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Thinking about Iran

Worldview Thought for the Day

Is it all a ruse?

After all, just beneath the thin veneer of West-pleasing democratic motions lies the dictatorship of the Grand Ayatollah. That same dictatorship underlay the previous administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. That same dictatorship has been behind Iran’s nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs since the 1980s.

I am not saying that the millions of people protesting all over Iran are not sincere. Instead, I am saying that the same dictatorship of the Grand Ayatollah that has been orchestrating things in Iran since it first overthrew the Shaw in 1979 could very likely be allowing the events unfolding there now for its own purposes. […] Continue reading

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Speaking of ambition

On the same day that North Korea decided to conduct its second nuclear test, Iran decided to sail six of its warships into international waters, including the strategically important Gulf of Aden, in the continuation of defiant military maneuvers that … Continue reading

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Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran

Unfortunately, I do not have time to give this subject proper treatment, but I think that everyone who cares about the future of this nation and the world needs to be paying close attention to what is going on in Israel right now. […] Continue reading

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Who do you trust to handle this?

Russia, the Cold War’s recently re-aggravated old bear, is moving forward with plans to finish a nuclear reactor in Iran capable of producing materials that Iran could process into components for nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the same grumpy old bear is planning military exercises with Venezuela. Oh, and North Korea is reassembling its nuclear weapons material producing reactor. […] Continue reading

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