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Next, a jedi training droid

Worldview Tech Item of the Day FoxNews has an article on Lockheed’s Multiple Kill Vehicle test conducted at Edwards AFB in California at the beginning of December. Explained simply, the MKV is a warhead designed to be attached to a … Continue reading

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Today is the sixty-seventh anniversary of “the day that will live in infamy,” the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Though almost seven decades seperate us from that day, its affects still echo even now. The response of our nation … Continue reading

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A military reading list

Jules Crittenden recently posted a military reading list at his weblog that I think deserves to be explored by anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of the history of the military and military operations. I have to say … Continue reading

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November 8, 2008 was my last drill with the 269th Combat Communications Squadron. While I officially remain a part of the Ohio Air National Guard until Nov. 28, the 8th was my last opportunity to participate in the monthly ritual that characterizes the service of the citizen airman before I separate. […] Continue reading

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6:15 p.m.: Preserving the military vote

A federal judge has ordered the State of Virginia to preserve late arriving absentee ballots from overseas military members pending his hearing of a lawsuit on the subject on Nov. 10. If this becomes a precedent, it could clearly and … Continue reading

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