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Contract warfare

The internet is awash in a story originating from the Wall Street Journal about how Iranian-backed insurgents in Iraq have “hacked” raw feeds from Predator drones in service there using cheap, commercially available software. While this development is troubling, it … Continue reading

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Coup defined, American leftist style.

Worldview Thought for the Day

I’ve learned some interesting things as I continue to follow the developments in the standoff between the constitutional government of Honduras and the rest of the leftist world. Most interestingly, I have learned that American leftists in particular have some very interesting views on what a coup is: […] Continue reading

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A good round-up on what is really happening in Honduras. The whole situation begs the question: do people still have the right to defy their government first claimed in the Declaration of Independence? DLH

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The US Navy’s Office of Naval Research released an omnibus report on the potential pitfalls of autonomous combat systems slated to be delpoyed by the US and other militaries in the coming decades. Among the report’s warnings is that future civilization could be threatened by an uprising of military robots against us all. […] Continue reading

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Attention everyone!

The United States is preparing to withdraw its forces from Iraq in as little as 16 months from January 20, 2009. Please make sure that al Qaeda in Iraq, and the Sunni and Shia militias know so that they can effectively prepare for said departure. While we’re at blabbing our military plans to our enemies, let’s leak and publish units, locations, and timeframes for that withdrawal. […] Continue reading

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