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Consequences for a region

The City of Dayton‘s recent decision not to extend the lease for Synergy Incubators has much larger consequences than just for the city. Synergy Incubators is a regional asset, opening opportunities for food entrepreneurs to create and sustain small-scale enterprises … Continue reading

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Your chance to accept a challenge

Do you have ideas that are just lacking in support to make them happen? It turns out, you might have a chance to find that support through an interesting initiative by the federal General Services Administration called Challenge.gov. The site … Continue reading

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Farming: Food as a fungible commodity

All around the internet, you can find vigorous discussions about how, with the impending risk of international economic meltdown brought about by massive overspending, the smart bet is to invest in things like gold, which is a fungible commodity that will retain its value even if the rest of the economy self-destructs. While, in some […] Continue reading

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A chance to expose yourself

I am looking for local individuals and businesses in the Dayton, Ohio area that are interested in being profiled by my on Worldview and eventually included on a website focused on providing information on opportunities for people to purchase goods … Continue reading

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Farming: Experimental garden

Returning to Innisfree allows me to indulge in something I have wanted to pursue for a long time: experimenting with growing things that most other people don’t grow for the purpose of seeing what happens.
A couple of years ago, I thought of this idea for a “beer garden” wherein I grow all of the components […] Continue reading

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