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Rage participation is better than none at all

Let’s face it. Donald John Trump is turning out to be everything anyone who actually paid attention during the 2016 presidential election cycle thought he would be. He is now doing things people detest for reasons they detest and, in … Continue reading

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Defending a defender

If you are in the Fairborn, Ohio area and are free from 0900-1100 tomorrow, Tuesday, 30 November, you can help defend one of our fallen defenders by helping to screen his family from the evil human beings who plan to … Continue reading

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What can I do about it? Establish local networks.

Where would you go to get something if it was not available from the local big box store? What would you do if the things you rely on mega-retailers to provide for you were not available or were too expensive … Continue reading

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You are the solution

I hear a lot of people say that they think they can’t do anything about the way things are in places like Washington or Detroit or even their own towns. Yet, all the recent evidence says that if enough people … Continue reading

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Rescuing Haiti

On Tuesday, a massive earthquake hit the nation of Haiti and, as current reports indicate, essentially wiped it out. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, and hundreds of thousands or millions of people are now without … Continue reading

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