20060817 Science and Technology Mega Brief

     Welcome to another Science and Technology Mega Brief. The Mega Brief is an information-filled glance at interesting science and technology news and profiles on science and technology that affects us. See the post for this week’s topics.
     This week’s Mega Brief is a laundry list, but it is a great list of things. Read the links. I know the list somewhat Fox News heavy, but you’ll like what you read.



Fox News: Gaming gets dedicated physics

Fox News: Southern California due for the ‘Big One’?

CNN: Fizzy space bubbles

Fox News: Eating better can help our brains

Fox News: A ‘Living Fossil’ photographed in Laos

Fox News: The ‘missing link’ in bird evolution found?

Fox News: LED blimps act as high tech advertising platforms

BBC News: New treasures of mysterious ancient Thrace uncovered

BBC News: Redoing the Planets

ABC News: You could be your own twin!

European Space Agency: A really big, giant ball of fiery gas

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