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I’m seriously thinking of joining this party

Do you think Palin drinks High Life? I’m pretty sure Joe the plumber does.

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This election has me worn out. What is there to say that has not already been said? The battle lines have been drawn, and frankly, barring any unforeseen world events, the outcome depends on which politician told the best story.

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Such old news

The  Times of London reports on a “secret” plan by the Pentagon to develop a spaceplane capable of carrying Marines to hotspots around the world in a few hours. Readers of Worldview might note that I have discussed this program … Continue reading

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An element of hypocrisy

There’s a message on my home answering machine from the local McCain campaign office essentially begging me to come down and run a telephone for them sometime in the next eighteen days. More than likely, I will not return that phone call or help the campaign.

Why? Because I believe my position as a writer creates a conflict of interest for me that I cannot overcome. It is not just writing her on this weblog that creates a problem, but also the fact that I work as a reporter and an editor for my college newspaper where my beat is, among other things, politics. […] Continue reading

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22:45 For tonight

That’s it from Worldview. We’ll be liveblogging again 4 November all day. -=DLH=-

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