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Uncontrolled Yacking

Worldview Thought for the Day

So, will the Obama administration keep yacking while US influence on the world stage burns? This tendency certainly appears to be the case.

The administration has a long list of yacking it has committed itself to, which includes telling our terrorist enemies how to better prepare for interrogation, negotiating with North Korea while it recommits to its nuclear program, and agreeing to negotiate with Iran while it pursues its own program to build nuclear weapons. Continue reading

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Tea, taxes, and representation

Worldview Thought of the Day

I have believed for a long time that April 15th of each year should be a national day of mourning because it is the day we allow our government to officially rob us to support a system most of us disagree with. Perhaps a more appropriate day for such mourning might be the the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, when most American voters continue to elect the same thieves into office year after year.

This year, on April 15th, Americans around the country will gather at “Tea Parties” in symbolic protest of this theft. While I will always applaud any Americans who use their Constitutional right to dissent, I shake my head at the fact that they are protesting the wrong thing. In my view, these Americans should protest themselves at these Tea Parties because it is their continued apathy and reliance on the political oligarchy that led to this theft to begin with. Continue reading

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So let me get this straight…

For months now, General Motors has been spending billions in taxpayer money to continue to ineffeciently manufacture low-quality products that no one wants to buy, and now, after all of this has occured, the government is goint to force GM into bankruptcy anyway? Continue reading

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Tangos down

Worldview Item of the Day

So, we finally let our fine US Military do what it was capable of doing since the first moment four Somali tribesmen armed with AKs set out in a motor launch with an American citizen as a hostage from a ship they had raided:

They took the bastards out. Continue reading

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Return from the dark ages

Since the end of December, my wife and I have been conducting an experiment to see if it was possible to live in the internet age using only free internet service. Last Friday, we turned our home internet service back … Continue reading

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